Découvrez certains des merveilleux chiens et chats qui s’épanouissent grâce à la nourriture ORIJENMD et voyez comment nos régimes biologiquement appropriés aident à nourrir leurs aventures.

"We’ve loved #ORIJEN for a while because they use the highest quality ingredients and the First Five ingredients will always be fresh + raw animal protein."


"Giving Wiley the best life starts with the best food, and he and I agree: you just can't beat ORIJEN."


"We love the freshness and wholesome ingredients found in every bag of @ORIJENPetfood. Because the first five ingredients are always fresh or raw animal protein, it satisfies their carnivorous instincts and cravings."


"Feeding our pups @orijenpetfood keeps them at their peak nutrition and ready for all of our adventures."




Without doubt I believe the biggest reason BearBear has never been injured, never had an unscheduled visit to the vet and has rarely been sick in his lifetime is largely in part due to his quality nutrition with @ORIJENpetfood.



Both Cypress and Maple have been fed ORIJEN from day one and are thriving. I love that the first 5 ingredients are always nutritious animal protein instead of low-cost ingredients. It is truly biologically appropriate food for our best pals.



Every ORIJEN recipe has a minimum of 85% quality animal ingredients, it is hands down the best brand of dog food, and is the pinnacle of nutrition. I can’t recommend them enough!



@orijenpetfood has always been my favorite because of the high quality of ingredients. The Puppy diet is packed with 85% animal ingredients like free-run poultry and wild caught fish.



ORIJEN is a healthy and complete diet for your dog and gives them energy they need to thrive!



The top 5 ingredients are fresh or raw animal proteins including meat, poultry, whole fish, or eggs. We love knowing what's in their bowl and that they're getting the best of the best.



ORIJEN’s WholePrey ingredients (meat, organ and bone!) give our girls energy and support their overall health, so they’re always ready for their next adventure.