Get to know some of the amazing dogs and cats thriving on ORIJEN® food, and how our Biologically Appropriate diets help nourish them on their adventures.

“We’ve recently added @orijenpetfood to her diet and she's really digging the taste! I love that it gives her the fuel to conquer all of our desert rambling together. From jumping on her big bright Jeep to chasing the chuckwalla lizards among the sprawling Joshua Trees, her energy is never in short supply in our favorite terrain”


“I've always loved how well he adapts to this life on the go — he settles in, enjoys the journey, and that wagging tail never misses a beat. While I attribute a lot of that to his happy personality and an eagerness to explore that matches and, at times, even surpasses my own, it also comes down to what he eats. That's why I choose @orijenpetfood to fuel all of our adventures — big and small.”


“We LOVE adventuring around our favorite planet and excited to have @orijenpetfood new Amazing Grains join us for this journey and help keep the pups eating and feeling their best during our travels.”


“ORIJEN uses WholePrey ratios, meaning they use meat or poultry, organs, and bone to mirror the diet cats’ ancestors ate in the wild. Kazuki loves Six Fish which contains whole mackerel, whole herring, flounder, Acadian redfish and monkfish in the first 5 ingredients!”